Friday, May 29, 2009

GNB Weekend Update

Welcome to the weekend...Here's the news...

One state hall of fame site should move to Atlanta. At least that's what a middle Georgia businessman recommends. reports that Macon businessman Jim Wells suggested to local urban development officials Thursday that the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame should move to Atlanta. He believes that Macon should focus more on its music heritage, and cites the middle Georgia city's poor history of supporting its sports teams. Wells made the comments in the wake of Georgia Music Hall of Fame executive director Lisa Long briefing local development officials about the dire financial situation the lattter museum was facing. Still, the authority took no action on the matter.

Here are some impact fees that won't make an impact...for now. reports that Dawson County is suspending the impact fees for new construction for at least one year. Officials in the north Georgia mountain county say they're dropping those fees in hopes of bringing new development there. Community development director Lynn Tully says that new housing starts have dropped 30 to 40 percent from previous years...while commercial development has also slowed down.

And seven Georgia banks are under scrutiny from federal regulators. The Atlanta Business Chronicle reports that the FDIC issued its strongest regulatory rebuke to those banks last month. That's according to an announcement made Friday. The mainly metro Atlanta-based banks entered into cease-and-desist orders with the FDIC. That means they either must start over, or risk failure. The seven orders are the most issued in Georgia since the banking crisis began last year.

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