Wednesday, July 28, 2010

GNB EXTRA--New DeKalb commissioner takes seat, CD 4 Preview

Click here for more details on both developments...

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GNB Update

"Hyperlocal Wednesday" returns with these stories worth reading about...

Find out how the soon to be former Albany city manager may have hidden a few forgeries from the Feds...

Read more on what schools parents in one middle Georgia district can choose for their children...

Nearly every school in Walton County has met the AYP goal. Click here for the details.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

GNB EXTRA--The Runoff Round-Up

Note: Here's the first in a series of select articles leading up to the August 10 runoff elections, including the race for the Republican gubernatorial nomination.

Runoff puts strain on county budgets (GPB News--07/21/2010)

Preparing for a runoff (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer--07/22/2010)

Handel, Deal raise money for runoff (Associated Press--07/23/2010)

Runoff looming in Effingham County (

GOP candidates come to terms on issues (Associated Press--07/25/2010)

Handel releases education plan (Associated Press--07/26/2010)

An endorsement for Houston BOE (

Friday, July 23, 2010

GNB EXTRA--Georgia county makes CNN Money Top 25 list

Click here to find out which Georgia county made the list of the 25 best counties in America for jobs, according to

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

GNB EXTRA--How Sarah Palin is influencing the Georgia GOP primary

She may no longer be Governor of Alaska, but a former vice presidential candidate has become a strong influence on the race for Georgia governor. Read how the "Sarah Palin Effect" will affect the outcome on who will win the GOP nomination here.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

GNB EXTRA--Election Recap 2010 (The Primaries)

Note: Here's a quick recap, and read, of the top stories regarding Tuesday's primary elections in Georgia.

Governor's Race

Former Governor Roy Barnes easily wins the Democratic nomination, while a runoff is looming on the Republican side. Click here and here for details on both races.

Attorney General

Ex-Dougherty County District Attorney Ken Hodges easily won the Democratic nomination over Rob Teilhet in Tuesday's primarily election. Click here for the reaction from Albany. Plus, read local reaction from Cobb County as one of their own is headed for a runoff in the Republican race. Also, read more reaction on the Democratic side here.

U.S. House of Representatives

It's official. Mike Keown will face incumbent Democratic Congressman Sanford Bishop in Georgia's 2nd Congressional District on November 2. Keown won the Republican nod for that seat in a landslide Tuesday night. Click here to find out how he did it.

In the 8th Congressional District, Austin Scott won the right to face another incumbent Democrat, Jim Marshall, in November's general election. Click here for the details from Tifton.

More results

Click here for a complete list of results from races statewide. Also, visit other portions of the site for a complete election recap at

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Monday, July 19, 2010

GNB EXTRA--Election Countdown 2010 (The Final Hours)

Note: This is the final post in a series leading up to Tuesday's primary election in Georgia. Below is a select list of articles on the primary races statewide.

Gubernatorial debate recap (Morris News Service--via Augusta Chronicle)

Support for Oxendine slips, say polls (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Voter turnout expected to be brisk (Marietta Daily Journal)

Low voter turnout expected (Brunswick News)

Magnet school vote in Ware County (

Stumping for votes (Associated Press)

Tense AG race in home stretch (Albany Herald)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

GNB EXTRA--Election Countdown 2010 (Insurance Commissioner)

Note: Our countdown to Tuesday's primaries continues with a brief outlook on the race for Insurance Commissioner.

Quick Analysis: The 2010 race for Insurance Commissioner is one heavily dominated by the Republicans, as nine candidates are vying for the GOP nomination, compared to just one Democrat, plus one Libertarian candidate. Don't be surprised to see a runoff between at least two candidates before the end of the summer.

Click one of the links below to find out more about the candidates for Insurance Commissioner.


Dennis Cain

Rick Collum

Seth Harp

Ralph Hudgens

Tom Knox

John Mamalakis

Stephen Northington

Gerry Purcell

Maria Sheffield


Mary Squires

Third Party/Other Candidates

Shane Bruce (Libertarian)

Finally, here are a few select articles from around Georgia concerning the race for Insurance commissioner.

Peach Pundit on Maria Sheffield (08/14/2009) on Stephen Northington (10/22/2009)

Morris News Service (via Rome News-Tribune)--(05/22/2010)

Associated Press (06/16/2010)

Morris News Service (via

Voters guide profiles (courtesy of WJXT Jacksonville, Fla./

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Friday, July 16, 2010

GNB EXTRA--Election Countdown 2010 (Georgia Attorney General)

Note: Our countdown to Tuesday's primary election moves on with a brief outlook and analysis on the heated race for Georgia Attorney General.

First, here are the candidates for the 2010 campaign...


Ken Hodges--Former District Attorney, Dougherty County

Rob Teilhet--State Representative, Georgia House District 40

Analysis: The race for the Democratic nomination appears to be the more heated of the two sides, as both candidates have traded parting shots at each other during their volatile campaign. The most recent controversy was generated from the Teilhet, which aired a 30-second TV ad featuring Emily Walker, the mother of Kenneth Walker. Walker was killed by former Muscogee County sheriff's deputy David Glisson during a traffic stop in late 2003. Hodges chose not to seek an indictment against Glisson after Hodges failed to swear him in, prompting the controversy.


Samuel Olens--Chairman, Cobb County Commission

Max Wood--U.S. Attorney, Middle District (Georgia)

Preston Smith--State Senator, Senate District 52

Analysis: Unlike the race for the Democratic nomination, the GOP side appears to have had no drama so far. Still, the most recent polls show Wood holding the edge to represent the Republican Party in the November general election.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

GNB EXTRA--Election Countdown 2010 (Secretary of State)

Note: Our next installment on "Election Countdown 2010" focuses on the race for Georgia Secretary of State. Five candidates are running in the Democratic primary, while there just two candidates running for the Republican nomination.

Democratic candidates

Gail Buckner--A Clayton County native, Buckner has represented state Senate District 44 since 2008.

Gary Horlacher--Originally from Florida, Horlacher has managed campaigns ranging from Labor Commissioner to Lieutenant Governor.

Michael Mills--Mills political career in Georgia started as an aide to former Secretary of State Lewis Massey.

Angela Moore--A native of Washington, D.C. Moore is no stranger to Georgia politics, as she ran for a seat on the DeKalb County Commission in 2004.

Georganna Sinkfield--Sinkfield is one of the longest serving lawmakers in the Georgia General Assembly, having first been elected to office in 1982.

Republican candidates

Brian Kemp--Seeking his first full term in office, Kemp assumed the Secretary of State duties from gubernatorial candidate hopeful Karen Handel.

Doug MacGinnitie--A Dunwoody native, MacGinnitie served on the Sandy Springs City Council.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

GNB EXTRA--Election Countdown 2010 (Lieutenant Governor)

Note: Our countdown to the July 20 primary elections continues with a brief outlook on the Lieutenant Governor's race.


Casey Cagle--As the first Republican to serve as Lieutenant Governor, Cagle hopes to win re-election to that seat in November.


Carol Porter--Should they be successful in the November general election, DuBose and Carol Porter could become the first husband-wife governor/lieutenant governor tandem in Georgia history.

Independent/Other/Third Party

Rhonda Martini--A Libertarian, Martini is a dentist.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

GNB EXTRA--Election Countdown 2010 (The Governor's Race)

Note: Starting tonight (Tuesday), there will be brief summaries of select primary elections throughout Georgia, starting with the race for Governor. They will continue until Monday, July 19, the day before the primary elections in Georgia.

The Democrats

Thurbert Baker--Three-term attorney general has held the seat of the state's top prosecutor for the last 13 years.

Roy Barnes--Former governor and Marietta native hopes to recapture the top seat after losing to Sonny Perdue in 2002.

Bill Bolton--Another native of Cobb County, Bolton has three engineering degrees from Georgia Tech.

Carl Camon--Serving five terms as the mayor of tiny Ray City in south Georgia, Camon faces long odds in winning the Democratic nomination.

DuBose Porter--The current House minority leader, as well as a native of Dublin, Porter once served as an intern with former U.S. Senator Sam Nunn.

David Poythress--A former general in the U.S. Air Force, Poythress is no stranger to Georgia politics, as he gave up the Labor Commissioner's job to run for governor in 1998.

Randal Mangham--A representative in Georgia House District 94, Mangham is also a long shot to represent the Democrats in November.

The Republicans

Jeff Chapman--A Brunswick native, Chapman hopes to use a "family friendly" approach to his campaign.

Nathan Deal--A former U.S. Representative representing Georgia's ninth congressional district, Deal is one of the favorites to represent the GOP in the general election.

Karen Handel--The former Secretary of State hopes to make history as Georgia's first female governor. But she must navigate her way through a very strong Republican field.

Eric Johnson--First elected to the state Senate in 1994, Johnson went on to become the President Pro Tem.

Ray McBerry--In a campaign marked by controversy, McBerry faces a tough task in winning over voters.

John Oxendine--As the longest serving Republican constitutional officer in Georgia, Oxendine is another favorite to claim the GOP gubernatorial nomination.

Other candidates

John Monds--With the recent decision by Ray Boyd to withdraw, the Libertarian from Cairo is the only third party or independent candidate to run for governor.

Want to know more about the candidates? Click here.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

GNB Update

Here's what's happening for "Hyperlocal Wednesday" on GNB...

A recent request to re-zone property in Morgan County was denied...Click here to find out why...

What is a "G-RAMP"? Find out what it is here...

and the Dodge County News has more on whether the millage rate for the school board will stay as is...or change to a new number.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

GNB EXTRA--UGA looks for a new A.D.

Damon Evans is no longer the athletic director of the University of Georgia. Evans resigned Monday after his arrest on DUI charges last week. Here's a sampling of articles surrounding the scandal, and the search for Evans' replacement.

Evans addresses charges (Atlanta Journal-Constitution--07/01/2010)

Evans resigns (Associated Press)

Frank Crumley gets nod for interim A.D. (Associated Press--07/06/2010)

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