Wednesday, May 20, 2009

GNB Update

This is the Wednesday edition of GNB Update...Here's the news...

More follow-up on the funding...or lack Albany State University. State Senator Freddie Powell Sims (D-Albany) says that state representative Ed Rynders (R-Leesburg) fought efforts to provide funding for a new fine arts center on the ASU campus. It's an accusation that Rynders denies. But he also told the Albany Herald that he has never opposed any project that could benefit southwest Georgia. SWGA Politics has its take on the Sims/Rynders controversy here.

A middle Georgia businessman is sued by an Atlanta group for millions of dollars. reports that the lawsuit claims Macon businessman Austin Sapp, Jr. defrauded a group of metro Atlanta residents of $5.2 million. The civil lawsuit claims Sapp overstated past income and revenues of the businesses to influence that group to buy them in 2007. The suit filed in Bibb County Superior Court in 2008 says Sapp provided the group with fraudulent written records. That includes false business records and incorrect tax returns. The case could go to trial by this fall.

And from the "Blog Files", Atlanta Unsheltered has an inside look at Democratic gubernatorial candidate David Poythress, and his targeting of Republican "secession candidates". Well worth the read. Also, Peach Pundit weighs in on an unlikely candidate challenging incumbent DuBose Porter for the House District 143 seat.

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