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GNB Q&A with Elizabeth Spear of Third Wave Advertising, Macon

Photo caption: Elizabeth Spear
Courtesy of Third Wave Advertising, Macon

Editor's Note: This is the first in a series of interviews of leading professionals in business, economic development, industry, politics, and other fields.

Elizabeth Spear of Third Wave Advertising in Macon recently won the "Rising Star" Award from the American Advertising Federation of Central Georgia. That award was given out on March 7, 2009. Here are the questions GNB asked Ms. Spear in this exclusive interview.

Georgia News Beat: What led you to pursue a career in advertising?

Elizabeth Spear: I grew up in a very creative, yet structured, environment. My mother is an artist and my father is in sales management. I wanted a career that would balance my need for creativity with the structure I craved. Advertising was the perfect mix of both worlds. There are rules to live by, but you always have the ability to think outside the box.

GNB: You've been with Third Wave Digital for about three years. What is it like working in a market such as middle Georgia ?

ES: The Middle Georgia market is always changing and thriving. I love this area’s ability to grow and adapt. There is always something new to do, to see and to advertise! The size, for me, is just right. The area itself is not too large, or too small. We have a great mix of businesses in the area that are constantly marketing to their demographic audience. You can properly evaluate a marketer’s effectiveness because we have the tools available to us (because we’re not too small) and because we don’t carry the hectic lifestyle of a larger city. Marketer’s can target their audience and know they have reached them (because we’re not too big).

GNB: You're responsible for website sales at Third Wave, and Internet advertising has been on the rise for at least the last five years. What do you like most about the position?

ES: I love finding a solution for a client that I know will work. I refuse to stand behind, pitch or otherwise support an inferior product. I don’t mind going to a potential client and saying “We are the best in the market” because it is what I believe. My passion for my work shows in my presentations and the energy is tangible in the room. I love turning a skeptic into a believer! With a gorgeous looking and user-friendly website from Third Wave coupled with our innate ability to market your web presence, your business is going to succeed online. That’s the confidence I have in our product and that is exactly what we deliver.

We have been in the internet marketing game since it started. It began with search engine optimization (in which we are unbeatable) and we’re seeing a growing trend to advertise online as well. We have recommended for a few years now that our clients’ marketing budgets include money for online advertising. It is the way of the future and a fabulous place to target even more individuals. When your budget is tight, it is an especially great medium and well worth the money you put into it. The variety of services and solutions that I have at my fingertips is a great tool in finding that perfect solutions for clients.

GNB: When you're not working, you're heavily involved in the middle Georgia community. What you like the most about those organizations?

ES: I am a passionate person (if you can’t already tell) and I like partnering with passionate organizations. Since moving to Macon over three years ago, I have grown to call it my home. I am excited about creating a better community for myself and my peers where we can live and succeed. The Chambers of Commerce play a huge roll in that success, both professionally and socially. I get a thrill out of watching new businesses at their ribbon cuttings. The Young Professionals’ Network, sponsored by the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce, has opened my eyes to the vibrant social life that is available to me through building relationships with other professionals my age. The American Advertising Federation, Central Georgia Chapter, has been a great outlet for building relationships and gathering knowledge that is pertinent to my career field. The Central Georgia Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure is such a fabulous organization! I love that 75% of everything I raise will stay here in my community to help fellow community members lead healthier, happier lives. My most recent endeavor, the marketing committee for Bragg Jam, a local music festival, has been awesome. I get to combine two things I love: music and marketing! I strive to make this community a better place by working with all of these organizations.

GNB: Where do see yourself going in five years? 10 years?

ES: No one can predict the future, but I know what I want for myself. First and foremost, I want to be happy with whatever I am doing. I am confident that I will continue working with non-profit organizations in the area. I look forward to growing the budding social relationships I have currently into lasting friendship that I see growing stronger over the next ten years. Professionally, I would like to open my own company; an advertising and marketing firm with a strong focus on client relations and ethics. Bart Campione, President of Third Wave Advertising, has been a great mentor over the last three years. I admire the fact that he opened his own company and is successful. I want the same thing for myself. Success and happiness is all I can ask for.

GNB: Is there anything else you would like to add?

ES: I couldn’t be successful in my job without the support from the Third Wave team, my family (Thanks Mom) and my friends. A wise person once told me that if your professional life and social life aren’t in balance, you won’t find happiness. I took that to heart and believe I am where I am supposed to be right now, both professionally and socially.

More information:

American Advertising Federation of Central Georgia: http://www.aafcentralgeorgia.org

Third Wave Advertising: http://www.thirdwavedigital.com

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