Friday, May 1, 2009

GNB Weekend Update

The weekend has arrived...Here's the news...

Georgia's governor picks the site of one of the state's most popular peach orchards to sign a food safety bill. Governor Sonny Perdue signed Senate Bill 80 into law on Friday. The measure requires food companies to report any food-related illnesses to state officials. Not doing so could lead to felony charge. The new law also requires companies to conduct testing for food-borne diseases such as salmonella. The recent discovery of salmonella poisoning at the now-defunct Peanut Corporation of America plant in Blakely led to the eventual passage of the bill.

A strong estimate on the swine flu from leaders in a middle Georgia county. WMAZ-TV in Macon reports that Houston County officials predict that a pandemic flu outbreak could infect as many as 37,000 residents in the area. Of that group, more than half would require medical attention. Houston residents can call 211 or a special toll-free number for more information on the H1N1 virus.

More information: North Central Health District-Georgia website

Students and teachers alike in Clayton County are breathing a sigh of relief this weekend. The Clayton County school system on Friday regained its accreditation status from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). But it will remain on probation for the next two years, as school officials must continue to work with SACS on issues such as leadership and governance. Clayton must report to SACS every six months on the school system's progress. In 2008, Clayton County became the first school system in the U.S. to lose accreditation in almost 40 years.

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