Friday, March 27, 2009

GNB Weekend Update

Welcome to the weekend...So much to do, so little time...And now the news...

It may have jumped over one hurdle, but now it faces a bigger one.

That describes the bill the Georgia House passed allowing Albany/Dougherty County residents the opportunity to vote on consolidating the city and county governments. As reported on Thursday, the legislation passed by a huge 94-33 margin. But the chances of it getting out of a state Senate committee appear very bleak, as state Senator Freddie Powell Sims must give her seal of approval before a vote takes place. WALB reports that Sims won't sign the bill, so the issue seems to be a moot point, at least for 2009. SWGA Politics has its take on the consolidation issue, including an official record on how lawmakers voted on the controversial legislation.

Another Georgia city has its own controversy, over its two museums. On Thursday, the state House passed legislation calling for the use of an increased hotel-motel tax. That would help both the Georgia Music and Sports Halls of Fame in Macon get out of the financial troubles both are facing. But final approval faces a huge road block in state Senator Brown. He told that he wouldn't sign the bill unless there's local involvement in terms of funding the tax. While both museums are funded by Georgia, they both face the same prospect of getting limited funding from it, as the state continues to cut its budget.

And yet another candidate makes intends to run for governor. A press release says that Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel will seek the Republican nomination for the state's top post in 2010. Fred Cooper will serve as her campaign chairman. Handel will try to become Georgia's first female governor. Former secretary of state Cathy Cox ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic gubernational nomination in 2006.

That's the news. Remember to log on to for the freshest Georgia news all day, and all night. Have a good weekend.

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