Friday, March 20, 2009

GNB Weekend Update

It's Friday...The weekend has arrived...Here's what happening in Georgia at the moment.

The Georgia Department of Transportation took the first step towards improving the state highways yesterday. Its board approved the first round of projects worth more than $500 million. State transportation board chairman Bill Kuhkle calls the approval of such projects a "good day". Georgia is expected to spend over $900 million of federal stimulus money towards the improvement of state roads.

A resolution to honor President Barack Obama is rejected by Georgia lawmakers. The state House voted 70-68 to reject the resolution honoring America's first black president on Thursday. That prompted black lawmakers to walk out of the Capitol building in protest of that rejection. Peach Pundit has its own take on why the Obama resolution should be passed.

Hard economic times once again rear their ugly head for Georgia's public universities. reports that the University of Georgia was hit by recent endowment losses, as well as the controversy over stem cell research. UGA President Michael Adams says that endowment funds for the university down were down 15 and 26 percent. He adds that's it a loss of a "couple of hundred million dollars". In spite of the recession, though, Adams says that the construction of new buildings such as "Greek Park" will continue on schedule.

That's the news. Remember to bookmark for the latest Georgia-related news all day, all night. Have a good weekend.

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