Tuesday, March 17, 2009

GNB Update

It's Tuesday...Hope you've had a nice St. Patrick's Day...

Speaking of which, we lead off with the St. Patrick Day's festivities in Savannah. Savannahnow.com has complete coverage of the day's activities, including photos from the annual parade. Check out the site if and when you have a chance.

Struggling small business owners in Georgia now have hope, thanks to President Barack Obama. On Monday, he revealed a $15 billion plan that could those struggling entrepreneurs succeed. Under the President's plan, the Small Business Administration would get $730 million to increase loans, and help business owners. But it has been rough sailing for entrepreneurs in the Peach State, as only 2,200 loans were founded by the SBA in 2008. That's down from 3,400 loans in 2007. Still, with the 2009 Recovery Act now in place, that could eventually change.

And Day 31 of the Georgia General Assembly saw very little action as far as new legislation was concerned. Still, lawmakers considered multiple bills that came up on Crossover Day. The Georgia Legislative Watch has a complete list of legislation that both the House and Senate are considering by clicking here and here.

That's the news for this St. Patrick's Day. But don't forget to bookmark georgianewsbeat.blogspot.com for any updated Georgia-related news anytime, anywhere. Enjoy your Tuesday night.

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