Monday, March 2, 2009

GNB Update

The first work day of a new month has come and gone...Here's what making news in Georgia at the moment...

As you probably know by now, snow fell throughout most of Georgia over the weekend. And it has already caused multiple schools throughout the state to cancel their classes Monday, although the University of Georgia planned to reopen their satellite campuses in Griffin and Gwinnett County at the time this blog entry was posted. Meanwhile, the Dayton (Ohio) Daily News had this interesting report on students from a local school system catching a glimpse of the snowfall while visiting the Peach State on Sunday.

Lost in the midst of the rare snowfall that permeated Georgia this weekend was a small increase in the rise of gas prices. reports that the price of gasoline in Georgia rose to around $1.81. That's up almost two cents from just last week. Nationally, the retail price of gas rose by more than four cents a gallon this past weekend.

And from the blog files, Lucid Idiocy has an open letter to Georgia House Speaker Glenn Richardson, while Peach Pundit has a rare encounter with one of the big icons in talk radio.

That's the news. Remember to visit GNB at That includes any and all breaking news coming out via Twitter, the GNB Report, and elsewhere. Enjoy your Monday night.

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