Friday, February 13, 2009

GNB Weekend Update

The weekend is here...And now the news...

The layoffs just keep coming. Thursday afternoon, Wal-Mart delivered the bad news to several hundred employees in Macon. The Arkansas-based retail chain will close its distrubition center by the middle of September. That will cost more than 400 people their jobs. The return operation will be re-located to Spartanburg, South Carolina. But a Wal-Mart spokesman says that while the closure is not related to the recession, he adds that the Macon facility can't operate at the current "level of capacity".

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Congress is putting the finishing touches on President Barack Obama's economic stimulus package. And Georgia lawmakers are hoping for the big boost that could come with it. They met for hours Friday for hearings that focused on how the proposed stimulus money would be used across the state. The House version of the package could bring as much as $5.6 billion in funding for Georgia. But as of Friday, there's no word on how much money the final draft would produce. State officials are also tight-lipped on how much the stimulus could impact the state budget.

Good news for job seekers in southwest metro Atlanta. A new high-tech distribution center will open soon in Coweta County. Computer products manufacturer D-and-H Distributing is building a $40 million facility in Newnan. That announcement came earlier this week. It will bring 100 jobs to that area, and serve customers in the Southeast and Midwest.

And SWGA Politics takes a look at some of the most interesting bills the Georgia Senate is considering. The topics contained in such legislation range from school dropout prevention to property taxes.

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