Thursday, February 12, 2009

GNB Update

Here's what making news in Georgia for Thursday...

We begin with news concerning Georgia's possible property tax freeze. Georgia Legislative Watch reports that House Bill "HR 1" didn't come to a vote at the end of the month. That's because Republicans couldn't get the two-thirds majority vote they needed to have it passed. But the GOP has another bill to fall back on if HR 1 fails: HR 233. That bill would immediately allow a hard two-year freeze on property assessments. Unlike HR 1, HR 233 doesn't need Democratic support.

One of the nation's primary providers of public transportation is getting lunch, at its own expense. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that MARTA and a pair of consultants spent $10,000 feeding barbecue and iced tea to lawmakers. The catch? The continued recession has put the transit company in its worst financial shape in years. That could lead to more cutbacks in service. General Manager Beverly Scott says MARTA would need to begin "systemically downsizing" services without more money. Those reductions could reach anywhere from 20 to 25 percent.

A Macon businessman is indicted on rackeetering charges. A grand jury in Bibb County recently charged 43-year-old William David Ransbottom on a 118-count indictment. He faces multiple charges, including rackeetering, money laundering, bank fraud, and forgery. Ransbottom is also accused of embezzling $421,000. The Macon Telegraph reports that he was being held in the Bibb County on more than $110,000 bond as of Tuesday.

And Atlanta Public Affairs asks: Who is the "stupidest" lawmaker in Georgia? The answer might surprise you.

That's the news. Visit for the latest news around Georgia all day, all night. Have a good day.

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