Friday, February 6, 2009

GNB Weekend Update

The weekend is here...Let's get to the news...

A slow-down in the State Capitol...

That's what lawmakers agreed to on Friday, as they agreed to meet three days a week instead of the normal five days. The Georgia House of Representatives voted to cut back the number of days they're meeting to address the lingering budget crisis hurting the state right now. They're waiting for action on the proposed economic stimulus package currently being considered in Congress. That could mean more money to improve infrastructure, health care, and transportation. Under Georgia law, lawmakers can't exceed the 40 days they're allowed to meet in one year.

A state sports hall of fame is losing its status as a state organization. Georgia Public Broadcasting reports that control of the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame could go from the state to a private entity. The hall closed two years ago due to a cut in state funding, but still conducts select events year round, including the induction of nominees. Control of the former site of that facility could be transferred to an Augusta-based commission. Augusta has been the longtime of the legendary Masters golf tournament.

The troubles continue to mount for the peanut industry. reports that peanut farmers in middle Georgia are expected to face a drop in demand, as well as poor prices for that crop this year. Cooperative extension agents say that fewer farmers will plant peanuts in 2009. The ongoing salmonella outbreak at the peanut plant in Blakely is to blame for more than 550 people getting sick. It has also claimed eight lives.

And the Georgia Senate easily approved legislation that could double the homestead exemption to $4,000. The total vote was 40 to 14. Voters must approve the measure later this year.

That's the news for this week. Visit for the latest news all weekend. In the meantime, have a good weekend.

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