Thursday, February 19, 2009

GNB Update

One more day until Friday...Here's the news...

Georgia's junior U.S. Senator makes a stop in southwest Georgia to launch his re-election campaign for 2010. Johnny Isakson paid a visit to Albany Wednesday to make that announcement during a campaign visit. He's calling for his colleagues in Washington to have more energy independence, and to address the causes of the nation's economic downturn. A spokesperson with Georgia's Democratic Party says there are several people that have expressed interest in running against Isakson, but those announcements would come in time.

To sell...or not to sell...

That was the issue Georgia senators tackled in the latest debate on Sunday alcohol sales. They held their first hearing on the matter Wednesday. Critics of senate bill S.B. 16 say passing the legislation would be an attack on the Christian sabbath, and encourage more underage and drunken driving. It's the third straight year lawmakers have considered legislation regarding the sale of alcoholic beverages.

Some more news from the blog files. Atlanta Public Affairs has an inside look on congressional Democrats from Georgia letting the Republicans have their way with the recently passed economic stimulus package. Georgia Women Vote examines the "power gift cart" at the Capitol, and the need for state citizens to have their own lobbyist. And Drifting Through The Grift explains the so-called "laffer curve".

Finally, Mostly Media introduces you to the new "Wi-Fi Cat". Atlanta entrepreneur Scott Burkett explains what this new technology means to the future of wireless Internet.

That's the news for Thursday. But remember that GNB is available all day, all night at Have a good evening.

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