Monday, June 8, 2009

GNB Update

Hope you had a good Monday...Here's the news...

A left doesn't make it right. That was the ruling the Georgia Supreme Court made concerning a controversial traffic law Monday. The Associated Press reports that Georgia's high court ruled that a state law that governs how motorists should make left turns on the road unconstitutional. In its unanimous ruling, the court says the left-turn law is "unconstitutionally vague" because it doesn't specify how to turn in multi-lane roads. It stems from a 2007 incident in Whitfield County. That's where a motorist was pulled over by Dalton police for turning into a outer right-hand lane traveling east. The officer claimed the law required that driver to turn into left-hand lane going closer to traffic.

It's "budget crunch" time in Bibb County. reports that commissioners in Bibb County are narrowing the gap between requests and revenue to around $1.4 million. That move resulted in a total budget of just under $82 million. That's down from the $96 million the commissioners requested for the budget this year. Still, they plan to keep a tax roll back of two mills resulting from excess revenue made last year. Commissioners also anticipate another tax increase of one-third of a mill to cover a $1.4 million deficit.

A commissioner from one south Georgia county is cleaning up her community, literally. WALB-TV in Albany reports that Tift County commissioner Melissa Cheevers is starting to make good on a campaign she made when elected as a comissioner there. Read the story, and see the video by clicking here.

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