Thursday, June 4, 2009

GNB Update

The weekend is just around the corner...Here's the news...

News of the world's largest ATM provider coming to Georgia has attracted job seekers from everywhere. reports that NCR is moving quickly to fill the nearly 900 jobs at its new Columbus facility. On Tuesday, the Ohio-based company announced plans to move its corporate headquarters to Gwinnett County. Almost 1,300 jobs will be filled in Duluth, with about another 900 to be filled in south metro Atlanta suburb of Peachtree City. NCR plans to put more than 200 potential employees on its payroll in Columbus by the end of 2009, with another 300-plus employees to come in 2010.

Georgia gets big bucks to start over after major flooding. The Associated Press reports that the state will get $3.6 million in federal funds to help rebuild flood prone areas. Conservationist James Tillman says the money that's used will cover just over 560 acres of land under the Emergency Watershed Protection Program. It allows the government to get easements on land owned by either state or local governments that have suffered damage by flood waters at least once within the past year, or twice within the last decade. Landowners do retain the rights to things such as quiet enjoyment, as well as access to hunting and fishing.

A south Georgia technical college offers a rare opportunity for adults studying for their GED. The Tifton Gazette reports that Moultrie Technical College is offering a chance to defray the costs of taking the GED test to residents in Tift and Turner Counties. Students in those counties not currently enrolled can take a basic adult education. Students who have the highest scores will qualify for a special drawing defraying the $95 fee.

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