Saturday, June 27, 2009

GNB EXTRA--Miss Georgia Pageant 2009 Final Results

They there are...Miss Georgia's Outstanding Teen 2009, and Miss Georgia 2009! Here are the final results...

Miss Georgia's Outstanding Teen 2009

Fourth Runner-up: Sara Whetsell (Albany)

Third Runner-up: Cammie Cunningham (Warner Robins)

Second Runner-up: Maggie Bridges (Southern Rivers)

First Runner-up: Colby Dee Coskery (Capital City)

MISS GEORGIA'S OUTSTANDING TEEN 2009: Brianna Godshalk (Cobb County)

Miss Georgia 2009

Fourth Runner-up: Laura Stone (Southern Heartland)

Third Runner-up: Courtney Herndon (Golden Isles)

Second Runner-up: Briana Jewett (University of Georgia)

First Runner-up: Emily Cook (Cobb County)

MISS GEORGIA 2009: Kristina Higgins (Capital City)

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