Monday, June 14, 2010

GNB Update

Here's what's happening for Monday on GNB...

Students at Macon State College will finally get to stay on campus. reports that the four-year institution will take over management of a local apartment complex for the upcoming fall semester. Macon State first opened its doors in 1968.

Trying to make amends. That's what's happening at Columbus State University. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that 62 percent of CSU faculty members cast a vote of no confidence in President Tim Mescon in April. They cite sweeping campus reforms as a reason for not backing Mescon. But most students say they're happy with him.

Controversy involving an east Georgia school board. The Morris News Service reports that a lawyer fighting the removal of three Warren County school board members wants more time to look into the case. That move comes as new legislation is set to take effect next month. It would allow governors to remove school board members within 10 days of a school system losing its accreditation.

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