Sunday, June 20, 2010

GNB EXTRA--Miss Georgia Pageant 2010--Final Results

In case you missed the outcome, here are the final results of the 2010 Miss Georgia and Miss Georgia's Outstanding Teen Pageants, respectively, on Saturday night in Columbus.

Miss Georgia's Outstanding Teen

Fourth runner-up: Tara Lynn Steele (Cobb County)

Third runner-up: Meagan Sharp (Troup County)

Second runner-up: Julia Martin (Columbus)

First runner-up: Maggie Bridges (Southern Heartland)

Miss Georgia's Outstanding Teen 2010: Camille Sims (Capital City)

Miss Georgia

Fourth runner-up: Michaela Lackey (Cherokee Rose)

Third runner-up: Casy Walker (Cobb County)

Second runner-up: Laura Stone (Atlanta)

First runner-up: Jamie Kelton (Capital City)

Miss Georgia 2010: Christina McCauley (Southern Heartland)

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