Tuesday, September 7, 2010

GNB EXTRA--Election Countdown 2010

Welcome to "Election Countdown 2010" here at GNB...There are 55 days remaining until the 2010 general election across Georgia on November 2.  Here's a brief look at the number "55" 'by the numbers"

55%--The percentage of the vote that Rahn Mayo earned to win the Georgia House District 91 seat in a runoff in 2008.  Michael Harden from House District 28, and Rich Golick from House Distirct 34, both Republicans, won November general elections for their respective seats by that same percentage later in 2008.

In Georgia House District 55, incumbent Rashad Taylor defeated Mabel Thomas in the July 20 primaries.  With no opposition in November, Taylor will retain that seat. In Senate District 55, Gloria Butler has held that post since 1999.

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