Thursday, April 15, 2010

GNB Update

Here's what's making news for Thursday on GNB...

Mixed results on several measures under the Gold Dome. State representative Steve Davis (R-McDonough) via Twitter says that fellow lawmakers approved the fiscal year 2011 budget by a vote of 120-52. But on other matters, Davis says that fellow state representative David Lucas (D-Macon) saw his bid to fund the two defunct state Halls of Fame fail miserably. That vote failed 107-62. Also, state representative Bobby Franklin's (R-Marietta) measure to shut down the Department of Human Services failed an overwheliming margin. The vote was 165-4 to keep the DHS in business.

Georgia mulls a proposed offer on monitoring radiation. The Associated Press reports that federal energy officials made the offer to state officials earlier this week. The state hopes to find more funding to test radiation levels along the Savannah River. The last time Georgia received federal money for radiation testing came from 2001 to 2004.

The Clayton County School System gets a visit from SACS. The Clayton News-Daily reports that the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools paid a visit to south metro Atlanta Thursday to observe Clayton's progress since SACS stripped it of its accreditation in 2008. It regained those credentials on a two-year probationary basis in 2009.

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