Thursday, July 16, 2009

GNB Update

One more day until Friday...Here's the news...

A former bank's employee's emblezzement of more than $1 million lands her in prison. The Associated Press reports that former Wachovia Bank employee Judy Yvette Rosser of Newnan was sentenced to almost three and a half years in prison for emblezzing $1.2 million over an eight-year period. She pleaded guilty last spring, and received her sentence on Thursday.

More news of missing money...this time in east central Georgia. The Statesboro Herald reports that Statesboro police are investigating a report of missing money from the municipal court. Although someone reported the missing funds last Thursday (July 9), investigators say they vanished within the last month.

WALB in Albany has an amazing five-minute package on the movie-making ministry at Sherwood Baptist Church. Click here to watch the video, and read the article.

That's the news. GNB is available online at, and on Twitter at Have a good Thursday night.

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