Monday, January 12, 2009

GNB Update

This is the first-ever edition of the "GNB Update", a quick recap of select news events of the day in Georgia, as it happens. So, without further ado, let's get started.

The Georgia General Assembly convened its 2009 session Monday morning in Atlanta. The biggest issue is how Georgia will get through these tough economic times, with the state facing a deficit of more than $2 billion. Also, Glenn Richardson once again was named the speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives.

Poultry farmers in Georgia are finding the going rough, too. The Athens Banner-Herald reports that corn prices rose to $7.50 a bushel last year. That will result in production being reduced. To make matters worse, the Pilgrim's Pride plans to reduce 10 per cent of workforce in Athens next month.

Prosecutors statewide will now have an easier time in getting gangs off the streets. That's because the Georgia Supreme Court ruled Monday that the state's "Gang Participation Act" is constitutional. That ruling could have a huge impact on a case where an Albany police officer was shot while questioning a gang member last year.

And Macon gets some positive cash flow in its budget. But it may not last long. That's what a recently released audit for fiscal year 2008 shows. The audit reported the general fund increased from a deficit of more than $3.5 million, to a surplus of $2.1 million. Macon Mayor Robert Reichert called the surplus a "very positive development", but urged caution, as the tax funding used for the budget expires in March.

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